Rise of Mythos 1.2 is now live! It brings some awesome new PvE Updates and new PvP Cards, New Cards for the Halfblood and Undead Factions, and tons more!

To celebrate this marvelous occasion, we’ll be hosting a plethora of events from now until August 15th!

Take a look at all the great party favors you could earn below:

Tomb of Doom

Do you have what it takes to defeat the Vampire Queen beneath the King’s Mausoleum? If you can defeat this new boss fight on hard mode before August 15th, we’ll fork out for some awesome prizes including Undead Reputation Quests and heaps of Silver! There’s also a special bounty of even greater riches should you be the first on your server to complete this epic task!

King’s Enchantment
During this event enchant any single piece of equipment up to at least level 8 and you’ll receive bonus silver and experience!

Only the Elite
This event will be running from now until July 31st. During the event, collect the cards Arya the Honorable, Kathryn Emberwind, Whitemane, and Executioner Grimbone from the race packs and you’ll earn 200,000 silver for each one you collect, plus an additional 200,000 silver if you collect all four cards!

I am Legendary

If you happen to pull a Legendary card from any booster pack between the launch of Rise of Mythos 1.2 and July 23rd, you’ll earn a bonus of silver and crystal!

Card Sale

To celebrate Rise of Mythos 1.2 we’ll be putting the set Master’s Pack, as well as the Human and Elf Race Master’s packs on sale! Now, you can get these cards at a discount of over 10%! Better get those Battle Priestesses and Elven Samurai now though! This discount goes bye bye on July 24th!

Celebrate with Thermaltake

Finally, make sure to head on over to our Facebook Page to enter our Thermaltake e-Sports Giveaway! You can enter for your chance to win a Tt e-Sports prize package including a new headset, keyboard, and mouse, or one of any number of in-game prizes including new cards from Rise of Mythos 1.2, and Gold!