Watch out for the crushing forces of the ARK Thumper! Only available this weekend in Rise of Mythos, the ARK Thumper is sure to crush your opponent’s forces!

The ARK Thumper is the perfect offensive tank to place in front of your ARK Sniper. Featuring a low cooldown of 3, 4 attack, and 10 life at the Epic level, she’s already a powerful force on the field of battle. What really makes this card stand out however is the special ability, “Crush Armor”. This powerful ability not only prevents the damage this card deals from being reduced, but also deals double damage to any creature with the armor ability!

The most powerful thing about this card however, is that you can get your Epic ARK Thumper for free this weekend with your purchase of Gold in Rise of Mythos!  Take a look below for all the details of what you can earn when you purchase Gold this Weekend is Rise of Mythos!

  • Purchase 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2000 bonus Silver and 500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4000 bonus Silver and 1000 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10000 bonus Silver and 1500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 2160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30000 bonus Silver and 2500 bonus Crystal, plus a rare Ring!
  • Purchase a total of 800 Gold this weekend you can receive an Epic ARK Thumper Card!
  • Purchase a total of 9000 Gold this weekend, you will also receive a Legendary ARK Thumper Card!

Act fast! This crushing beauty is only available with your purchase of Gold from midnight server time on December 6th until 11:59 PM server time on December 8th!