Behold the awesome destructive power of Elemental Fire! Only available this weekend in Rise of Mythos, Elemental Fire is one card you don’t want to see your opponent play.

Perfect in almost any deck this latest Outsider takes the field with a fiery stat line! Coming onto the field with a low Cooldown of 2, 2 Attack (Fire), and 3 Life Elemental Fire might not look too hot at first glance. What really makes this explosive unit smoke is it’s special abilities. Fire spirit allows Elemental Fire to increase its life total by one every time it damages the enemy hero. Hero’s Bane 2 makes sure that it doesn’t have to walk across the field to do this however, and let’s the Fire Elemental deal 2 damage to the enemy hero every turn. When you combine these two abilities, you end  up with a living fire that becomes increasingly dangerous the longer it’s on the field!

Perhaps the hottest thing about Element Fire is that you can get your Epic Card for free this weekend with your purchase of Gold in Rise of Mythos!  Take a look below for all the details of what you can earn when you purchase Gold this Weekend is Rise of Mythos!

  • Purchase 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2000 bonus Silver and 500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4000 bonus Silver and 1000 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10000 bonus Silver and 1500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 2160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30000 bonus Silver and 2500 bonus Crystal, plus a rare Ring!
  • Purchase a total of 800 Gold this weekend you can receive an Epic Elemental Fire Card!

Purchase a total of 9000 Gold this weekend, you will also receive a Legendary Elemental Fire Card!

Act fast! This smoking hot elemental is only available with your purchase of Gold from midnight server time on November 15th until 11:59 PM server time on November 17th!