Did you miss out on our Temptress Lorelei event this summer? Would you really like to have this awesome card at your disposal? Well wish no more heroes! The incredible Temptress has returned in a brand new quest event!

From now until October 11th, you can woo this incredible Temptress to join your forces by collecting red roses in Rise of Mythos. Collect 4, and you may turn them in for an Epic Temptress Lorelei!

Temptress Lorelei is an outstanding support card for you decks, with powerful offensive and defensive capabilities thanks to her Kiss. The Kiss Ability allows her a 50% chance to charm any creature she damages, and her nimble ability helps to ensure her survival on the field by making sure she can’t be targeted by skills which affect only a single creature.

At her epic level, she boasts an impressive stat line with a low cooldown of 3, a magical attack score of 2, and 5 life.

To collect the Red Roses you need to woo her to your side; you’ll need to complete a series of daily quests:


At level 15 two quests become available:

Roses are Red

Complete two PvE fights on the world map. The fights you’ll need to complete are based on your level. Completing this quest will yield not only a Red Rose, but also a reward of Silver and Crystals!

Violets Are Blue

Complete two 2v2 Arena Battles with a Guild Member on your team. Everybody can use a wingman. Grab a Guild Mate and go show Lorelei your stuff in the Arena. She doesn’t care if you win so much as she cares that you try. This quest will yield a Red Rose, as well as some Silver and Crystals to help make up for your bruises.


At level 25 an additional quest becomes available:

Lorelei is Nimble

Ok, so maybe victory is important… Win four matches in the Arena, solo or with a team mate, to earn another Red Rose and some more Silver and Crystals!


Finally, at level 35, one final quest becomes available:

And Charming too!

Successfully complete two boss fights on hard difficulty. Restoring peace to the land always helps a hero woo the ladies to his side! Go help keep some of the biggest baddies in the land at bay, and earn another Red Rose, as well as more Silver and Crystals!

Remember that each of these quests can be completed one time each day.  So as long as you’re level 15 or above, you should be able to woo Lorelei to join your forces, and charm your enemies into submission!