This weekend you can earn BONUS rewards when you spend Gold in Rise of Mythos! Don’t miss the chance to score the amazing new Harlequin Outsider card, Mounts and more!

To earn this amazing new card, all you have to do is spend Gold in Rise of Mythos between midnight server time on Friday November 22nd, and the end of the day on Sunday, November 24th! Take a look at all the other rewards you can get this weekend below:

  • Spend 500 Gold to earn 2 Epic Gems!
  • Spend 1,000 Gold to earn an Epic Harlequin Card!
  • Spend 5,000 Gold and earn 10 Epic Gems, and a White Horse (7 day duration)!
  • Spend 10,000 Gold to earn a Legendary Harlequin Card!
  • Spend 30,000 Gold an earn 5 Legendary Gems, and a Godlike Fire Rune (7 day duration)!
  • Spend 50,000 Gold to earn a Godlike harlequin Card!

NOTE: Gold spent in the Auction House, on reshuffles, and in the Seaport do not count towards this event. All other expenditures of Gold will count.

Harlequin is probably the most unique card we have in Rise of Mythos, and this Outsider has the potential to be a downright powerhouse!  Her Epic version hits the battlefield after a short countdown of 3, 0 Ranged Attack, and 9 life. What really makes this joker shine though is her special ability, “Luck of the Draw”. This unique special ability replaces Harlequin’s attack score each turn, with the sum of a random card in your deck’s countdown and star rank number, (i.e. A Godlike Undead King Bael is picked by this ability. The attack would deal Countdown [9] + Star Rank Number [6 for Godlike Cards], for a total of 15 damage) which is then discarded.