Rise of Mythos’ 1.3 Update is coming this October and along with it new cards for one of the formidable factions! There will be plenty of new eye-catching cards to bolster the ranks of the Beasts from this update!

As of right now, Beasts suffer from a combination of high health, low damage, and lack of diverse skills, making Beast cards limited in their potential use. While they do have a couple of standout abilities such as Cone of Fire and Lightning Breath, for the most part, these can be countered easily.

The 1.3 Update will give Beasts the edge it has been looking for both in looks and ability!  The new creatures include: Chimeras, Griffyns, Unicorns, and Nids.

Chimeras are three-headed monsters that can fly over enemies and wreak havoc with their Chaos Breath. This ability casts Ice Breath, Fire Breath, or Shadow Breath at random dealing damage to enemy creatures and heroes in a 3x1 area.

Griffyns, half lion and half eagle Beasts, are powerful cavalry units equipped with the ability, Iron Wings. Iron Wings combines Flying and Armor to give an early advance while still holding the line.

The majestic Unicorn's grace and presence is complimented by its support for Beasts. By using Inspired, Unicorns allows heroes to have a chance to draw an extra card when this unit is summoned.

Last but not least are the Nids, magical squirrel like creatures that appear very unassuming at first glance. Don’t be fooled though, these rodents come with Magical Surge that reduces the cooldown of a card with highest countdown when a hero uses a skill card. Even better is the mighty Crowned Nid that possesses the Stampede and Fire Seed abilities. Stampede gives attack and life for each Beast that is on the field, meaning that a field loaded with Beasts will quickly overpower nearly any enemy that stands in the way! Fire Seed has a chance of damaging an enemy creature along with all adjacent enemies.

These incredible new Beast cards will arrive with update 1.3 in October, and will only be available in the new Beast Standard and Master's packs! Keep an eye on the buzz; there are more great sneak peeks at update 1.3