Rise of Mythos’ 1.3 Update is coming this October, and with it a host of new cards for two of your favorite factions! The Goblins and Ogres are both getting a significant boost this update, with plenty of new cards for each faction.

The new Goblin cards are truly a sight to behold on the battlefield, and really help to round out the current lineup of Goblins. Currently, Goblins are quite weak when facing off against decks that sport a large amount of armor, as the Goblins have no way to cause magical damage, and while their archers are quite deadly, there’s relatively few of them.

This all changes with Rise of Mythos’ 1.3 update! 1.3 introduces brand new Goblin Pixies. Pixie Wardens set off in search of easy prey, casting out barbed nets that pull wounded soldiers to the front of the enemy lines, and stuns them for a turn. This helps your other units finish them off swifter, rapidly decreasing the potential damage your own units might take.

The Pixie Magi are a sight to behold on the field of battle! Wielders of powerful fire magic, these units also possess powerful voodoo that damages enemy units when they are destroyed, ensuring that these powerful Magi get the last laugh!

These incredible new goblin cards will arrive with update 1.3 in October, and will only be available in the new Savage Packs, which will also include new Ogre Cards! Keep an eye on the buzz; there’s more great sneak peeks at update 1.3 headed your way soon.