Just in time for the Holidays, Mythos Packs are returning with 4 more awesome new Mythos cards!  You’ve already experienced the unbridled power of Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite and Achilles on the field of battle, and now even more of your favorite Greek Legends will be coming to life on the field of Battle! Medusa, Pan, the Harpy, and the Minotaur will be available in Mythos Packs on December 23rd through December 27th, just in time for our Holiday Sale!

The Gorgon Medusa will be slithering onto the field with her bow in hand after a mere 4 cooldown. Her Rare version hits the field with an attack score of 1, and 8 health, but this is not what makes her so deadly. Sniper ensures that this serpent strikes at the weakest of your opponents forces first, but her Gaze is perhaps the most deadly thing about her, granting a 25% chance to petrify a random enemy creature within range for 10 turns! To make matters worse for your opponent, this deadly Gorgon gains the Toxic Arrow Ability at her Legendary level, helping her to take your opponents out of the fight that much sooner.

The god Pan will be joining the fray as a powerful support card. With a low countdown of 1, and attack of zero, life of 2 at his rare rank, you may not think much of this powerful being at first glance. However, as he plays his pipes, the magical Surge ability will reduce the countdown of the card with the highest countdown in your hand by 3, or 4 at his Legendary and Godlike levels, allowing you to place high countdown cards on the field much sooner than you would be able to otherwise.

Fierce Harpys will take the field as well, with availability as low as “good” rarity, these fierce beasts of legend will be sure to cause panic in your enemies. Their lowest level comes onto the field with a mere one turn countdown and an attack score of 1, and life of 4. Their “Leap” ability increases their movement by one, and allows them to fly over non flying enemies to reach the enemy hero. While their Panic  Strike ability slows your opponent down by increasing the countdown of one random card in your opponents hand by one each time they strike the enemy hero.

Finally, the fearsome Minotaurs will join the fray chargin into battle after a countdown of 4. The good quality version of this card take the field with 2 attack and 5 health, making them a fairly powerful offensive unit. Their prowess in battle and sheer strength is unmatched on the field, and they show this with the abilities Counterattack, allowing them to strike back and any foolish enough to attack them, and their knockback ability help to defend the front lines, and move the battle closer to your enemy.

These cards will only be available in Rise of Mythos from December 23rd through December 27th however, when they’ll fade back into the Myths and Legends they come from, so make sure to get your Mythos Packs while they’re here during our Holiday Sale!