When we first introduced you to Rise of Mythos some time ago, we promised that we would be making Rise of Mythos a unique, evolving game by adding our own unique sets of cards to the game as we continued to grow the game. We decided to start at the obvious place, and you’ve been enjoying the addition of the Greek and Roman Mythos to the game for some time now.

It’s time to shake things up again! Starting tomorrow March 28th, we’ll begin introducing a new set of cards to the game; make way for the Rise of the Norse Mythos!

As with our previous Mythos Cards, we’ll be rolling out this new set slowly, over time. However, beginning tomorrow at midnight, Mythos packs will not only contain all of the Greek and Trojan cards you’ve been enjoying so far, but also six brand new cards based on the Mythos of the Norse!

Vikings, Dwarves, and Einherjar will be available in Mythos packs, along with powerful figures from Norse Mythology such as the Valkyrie, Freyja, and even Odin himself. These powerful new units can only be obtained in Mythos Packs, and precede more of your favorite figures from Norse Mythology.

Mythos Packs will become available once more on Friday, March 28th, and will remain in the Rise of Mythos Shop until the end of day Sunday, March 30th only! So make sure to pick up your Mythos packs now and get your hands on these new cards before anyone else!

Of course, we’re also looking for new ideas on what set of Mythos cards we should do next, and if you’d like your voice to be heard, we’re listening. Check out the poll on Facebook!