Another month has passed, and it’s time to say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall! If you’re wondering what’s on deck this month for Rise of Mythos, we’ve got your schedule of great events right here!

Only the Elite will be running from September 4th until September 10th, and will yield 200k Silver for each of four different hero cards you can find in the 1.1 and 1.2 sets. If you manage to collect all four Elites, you’ll also get an additional 200k Silver reward!

At the same time, the I am Legendary event will be making a comeback! This event offers a wealth of Silver and Crystal if you open a pack and find any Legendary cards within.

On September the 9th, Mynx Hammershock will be available in-game for free! You’ll be able to perform Quests for Mynx, and if you complete enough of them, this powerful hammer wielding Halfblood will join your army! Mynx will only be available in-game until September 20th, when she’ll fade back into myth.

The second half of September will hold even more excitement. The Daily Login event will return with a chance to earn great rewards each day you log in. Zeeva Stonebreaker, everyone’s favorite construction worker cat, will be making an encore visit to the game! You’ll need to find enough tools to convince this Sapper that it’s worth joining your cause however. Complete her daily quests and for every four toolkits you gather, you’ll earn an epic version of this powerful warrior!

Of course, that’s not all we have planned for this month. It’s merely a taste of what’s to come! Make sure to keep an eye on the Buzz page for more exciting events coming your way  in Rise of Mythos!