Kings and Legends Global

It’s hard to believe that we just launched Kings and Legends Global on GameFuse such a short time ago. Since the game launched on May 28th, our community team has been listening to your feedback, our analysts have been neck deep in arcane tomes known as spreadsheets, and yes, our bean counters have been watching every penny as it comes in.

What has all of this arcane knowledge told us?

Kings and Legends Global is doing great!

However, there’s one question we keep seeing asked by the community, which we really haven’t had that great of an answer to until now:

“Why should I play Kings and Legends here?”

Until now, we’ve answered this question as honestly as possible. It’s a difficult thing to answer, and we’ve only been able to tell you what we want, and what we plan to do. Not what we are doing to earn your business.

Today, we’re proud to be able to tell you that this is all about to change. We’re investing heavily in Kings and Legends Global so that we can bring you the best quality product. Today, we get to tell you why you should play here.

In just a short time, you’re going to start seeing some changes to Kings and Legends Global. Here’s our plan going forward:

Chief Ironhide

Kings and Legends Global features great game-play. The core of the game is very easy to grasp, but it’s also a difficult game to master. Each faction has things that they do better than others. Humans have armor, cavalry, and vigilance; Elves have great mages, flying cavalry, and archers, and so on.

It’s an eastern developed game that’s steeped in western mythology, for now…

Moving forward we’ll be taking this game to new heights, introducing new, unique cards and factions that will only be found on GameFuse. The first of these factions will feature cards from a new culture’s mythology, and we should be announcing the details of this soon. Moving forward, we’re looking into myths from many different cultures that might make great additions to the game. All myths and legends are on the table right now. We’re considering cards from the Mayan, Norse, Native American, and Egyptian mythologies, just to name a few. Each culture in our world has had their own set of myths and legends which helped to define those cultures, and we’d like to have many of these cultures represented in this wonderful game.


Of course, with such drastic changes to the game, the name Kings and Legends no longer fits quite right. Due to this, we’ve decided a new name for the game is in order. We’ve been talking about this a lot lately. We wanted a name that would speak to the global nature of the game. Not only in who is playing, but also in the fact that we wish to represent many cultures within this game. We want to raise each culture’s popular myths and legends to new heights. We want our players to be excited to see the Myths and legends that they grew up with, no matter where they are from, represented in their game.

To that end, we’re re-branding Kings and Legends Global as Rise of Mythos. We are no longer offering the same Kings and Legends, and we’re going to prove this to you.

Rise of Mythos will be launching soon, and we hope that you’ll enjoy the changes that this brings to Kings and Legends Global.

Rise of Mythos