Tempest Packs are now on sale in the Rise of Mythos Shop!

Each Tempest Pack comes with a Legendary Unicorn Tempest Mount, Legendary Fire Rune, 20,000 Silver, 5,000 Crystals, and 500 Experience! These Legendary Packs are only available until November 6th at 5:00 AM server time however, so get yours before they fade back to legend!

Each pack will cost 698 gold and comes with the following:

  • 1x Legendary Unicorn Tempest Mount (7 Day Duration, can be stabled)
  • 1x Legendary Fire Rune (7 day duration, deals 3 fire damage to target creature in battle, countdown 4 turns)
  • 2x 10,000 Silver Gift Pack
  • 10x 500 Crystal Gift Pack
  • 5x Rare Scroll of Experience (Double click to claim 100 Experience)