Everyone’s favorite Ghostly Bard returns this weekend in Rise of Mythos! From August 22nd until August 28th, players will once more be able to help the Epic Bard, Dante Quicksong, hunt down his lost poetry pages. If you can collect four of his lost poetry pages, Dante himself will join your army!


In-game, make sure to check out the Event Quests for clues on where to look for his lost poetry pages. You must be at least level 15 to participate in this event, and each day, you will be able to collect up to 4 pages by completing quests.


Two quests will be available to players of level 15-25:

Quest Name: Goblin Poetry Club

Objective: Complete two maps based on player level (Can be completed once each day).

Quest Name: How about a Duet?

Objective: Complete 2 PvP Matches with a guild member on your team (Can be completed once per day).

Additional Quests will be available for players who are level 25 or higher, and level 35 or higher.


Level 25 Quest
Quest Name: A Singing Win!
Objective: Win four battles in the arena.


Level 35 Quest
Quest Name:
Party Crasher
Objective: Successfully complete two boss fights in Challenge Hall. (Must be Hard difficulty)


Each of these quests will reward you with one of Dante’s Lost poetry pages, as well as 1,000 Silver and 250 Crystal! Once you have collected all four poetry pages, you will have completed the quest, “The Ghostly Bard” and may turn in your poetry pages for an Epic Dante Quicksong Card! You can repeat this turn in once each day! Act fast though! Dante goes back to resting in peace on August 28th, and who knows when he’ll be back!