The Legendary Warrior, Achilles, returns this weekend in Rise of Mythos during this weekend’s Bonus Gold promotion in Rise of Mythos!

In the battle for Troy, this fierce warrior bested the Trojan Warrior Hector at the gates of Troy, and brought victory to the Greeks. Now he can do the same for you!

As a Demi-God, Achilles sports the stat line of a powerful mortal warrior, hitting the field of battle with a cooldown of 4, and an impressive 4 attack, and 7 life at his Legendary level. Once he’s on the field is when this impressive warrior really shows his mettle however, as the “Forestall” ability grants him the ability to strike first at any unit who dares to attempt to attack him. Should his attack do damage, Forestall will also cancel the attack of that creature, proving that the best defense is a good offense! His Godlike card’s stats are even more impressive, and also grant the Sunder Armor ability to the card, making this one of the most powerful cards in the entire games.

Perhaps the most powerful thing about Achilles however is the simple fact that this Demi-God can be yours for free this weekend when you purchase Gold in Rise of Mythos! Take a look what you can get with each purchase of Gold in Rise of mythos below:

  • Purchase 840 Gold at once to be rewarded with 50 extra gold.
  • Purchase 2,160 Gold at once to be rewarded with 120 extra gold.
  • Purchase 4,750 Gold at once to be rewarded with 180 extra gold and 20,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase 10,000 Gold at once to be rewarded with 350 extra gold and 50,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase a total of 9,000 Gold to be rewarded with a Legendary Achilles card!
  • Purchase a total of 42,500 Gold to be rewarded with a Godlike Achilles card!

You’ll want to move fast however, this special promotion will only be available from midnight server time on December 14th until the end of day December 15th!