This weekend in Rise of Mythos, it’s off to Grandmother’s House with Red Riding Hood, and Silver and Crystal when you buy gold in Rise of Mythos! Take a look at the reward tiers below

  • Purchase at least 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2,000 Silver, and 500 Crystals!
  • Purchase at least 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4,000 Silver, and 1,000 Crystals!
  • Purchase at least 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10,000 Silver, 1,500 Crystals, and a Rare Fire Rune Formula!
  • Purchase at least 2,160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30,000 Silver, 2,500 Crystals, an Epic Fire Rune Formula, and a Rare Ring of Bravery!
  • If you purchase a total of 800 Gold or more this weekend, you’ll also receive an Epic Red Riding Hood Card!
  • Should you choose to purchase 9,000 Gold or more this weekend, you will also get a Legendary Red Riding Hood Card!

The second card in our new Fairy Tale series, Red Riding Hood is the answer to all those pesky werewolf rush decks. Her epic version takes the field after only two turns, making her much quicker than most of those big bad wolves. She sports an impressive three attack, and nine health, allowing her some staying power in any battle. Her “Haunt” ability is what really puts the fear into the werewolf clans however, as it not only grants her Vigilance, allowing her to attack any adjacent square, but also allows her to deal double damage to creatures with the “Sprint” ability. This makes Red one little girl who doesn’t need a hunter to save her life. Her Legendary version becomes even more powerful with the addition of the “Survive” ability, which grants a 50% chance for her to resurrect in her current square when she is destroyed.

Make sure to purchase your gold now however, as this special offer will only be available from Friday May 23rd until the end of the day server time on Sunday May 25th!