We’ve got some great treats lined up for you to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in Rise of Mythos!  A great chance to grab the Pumpkin witch, spooky travels through the Ancient Den and sweet tasting Event Packs to name a few!

 Pumpkin Witch Morgana Recharge Event!

This weekend in Rise of Mythos when you purchase Gold, you’ll also earn a treat of Bonus Silver and Crystals, plus Pumpkin Witch Morgana!

  • Purchase 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2000 bonus Silver and 500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4000 bonus Silver and 1000 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10000 bonus Silver and 1500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 2160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30000 bonus Silver and 2500 bonus Crystal, plus a rare Ring!
  • Purchase a total of 800 Gold this weekend you can receive an Epic Pumpkin Witch Morgana card!
  • Purchase a total of 9000 Gold this weekend, you will also receive a Legendary Pumpkin Witch Morgana Card!

Pumpkin Witch Morgana is an offensive powerhouse coming into the fray with a countdown of 6, 1 damage, and 12 life at her epic level. Her shadowbolt ability grants +2 range and randomly deals 0-200% damage each attack, and her Explosive Curse ability causes creatures damaged by her to explode upon death, dealing 4 damage to all adjacent creatures and heroes. However, such explosive power does come at a cost. Each turn Morgana will take 2 fire damage, meaning you’ll need to have a way to heal her if you wish to keep her on the field.

Pumpkin Witch Morgana will only be available from Friday October 25th until midnight October 27th, but this isn’t all we have in store for you!

Explore the Spooky Ancient Den,.. if you dare!!!!

The Ancient Den Special Event is a brand new Challenge Hall event for higher level players. During this event players can take on Nemerion, the ancient Nyan and his horde of beasts! Defeat Nemerion to earn special rewards and complete quests between now and November 6th! Rewards during this event include special runes which can only be obtained during this event, as well as unique mounts, and of course, plenty of Silver, Crystals, and Experience to go around!

Nom Nom Nom! Sweet New Event Packs!

For an extra special treat, you can look under the Events tab in the Rise of Mythos Shop, beginning on October 28th, where you’ll find the brand new Events Pack! For only 298 Gold you’ll get to open the equivalent of a Master’s Pack, which is guaranteed to drop at least an epic version of one of our Festival Cards, including Pumpkin Witch Morgana, High Lady Kuri, and many other awesome cards that are normally only available during an event!

Our daily login event is also returning, with brand new card rewards including an Epic Dread Champion and Doom Knight cards in honor of the season!

Of course, we still have one more big surprise up our sleeves to celebrate, so make sure to keep an eye on the Rise of Mythos social feeds, including the forums, Facebook, and Twitter (@RiseofMythos) for your chance to win special Halloween Packs including a rare new 1.3 Beast Card, or an Epic Pumpkin Witch Morgana, plus more! Codes will be given out randomly as we get closer to Halloween, and will culminate in a massive giveaway on Twitter!

Add all these treats together, and it’s almost enough fun to wake the dead!