We’ve already talked about the new Goblin cards coming in 1.3, and the additions that the new pixies add to that faction. So let’s delve into the additions for the Ogre Faction!

Ogres have always been a fearsome sight on the battlefield. Their Saboteurs feature high health, and some pretty amazing damage, and make great use of the Regeneration and Rage abilities. Update 1.3 will strengthen this faction by introducing the Ogre’s fearsome, and maybe a little less intelligent cousin, the Trolls!

Trolls offer the same strength of the Ogres, high health and good damage potential, but often at a lower cooldown than their Ogre brothers. The ability “Dumb” helps to balance this out, reducing most Trolls range and movement by 1. They more than make up for this with increased staying power however!

Forest and Mountain Trolls have the “Troll Skin” ability, which increases their resistance to damage after they take a hit, by providing extra Armor, or Resistance when they take physical or magical damage. To back up this incredible damage soaking ability, these creatures also have the Rage ability, which increases their damage each time an enemy does manage to deal damage to them.

Frenzied Trolls will deal with damage in a different manner altogether however. Their “Thick Headed” ability allows them to finish their next turn after taking lethal damage, and their “Desperate Strength” actually increases their attack score for each point of damage they take!

These new Trolls are an amazing new destructive force available in Update 1.3. You can snap them up in the shop, inside the brand new Savage Packs, which provide a mixture of the Goblin and Troll cards.