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        Frequently Asked Questions - Token Shop

        • How do I purchase Tokens?
          1. Enter the Token Shop through the button on the left side of your game window, or up at the top of the GameFuse page.
          2. Select the type of payment you would like to use (Cash, Credit Card, etc.).
          3. Select the amount of Tokens you would like to purchase.
          4. Click Submit.
          5. Read and agree to the User Payment Agreement.
          6. Click Confirm
        • Why didn't my Token Balance increase after I completed my purchase?

          It may take up to 72 hours for your Tokens to be added to your account. If you receive confirmation that your purchase has been completed, you can refresh the page you are on to check your Token balance. Please contact the payment option used for assistance with purchases that have not completed.

        • How do I use my Tokens for GameFuse games?
          1. From the Token Shop or Token Drawer, click on the Transfer tab on the top of the window.
          2. Select the Game, Server, and Character (if applicable) you would like to add Tokens to.
          3. Select a valid amount of available Tokens.
          4. Click Transfer.
          5. You will be shown a final summary of your order before confirming the process.
          6. Click Confirm to finalize the purchase.
        • Why hasn't the money been taken from my PayPal account?

          If this is your first time using PayPal, it may take up to 72 hours to process. Please contact PayPal for any payment issues including incomplete purchases.

        • Why hasn't the money from my Google Wallet account arrived?

          It takes approximately 15 minutes for a Google Wallet transaction to process.

        • Why can't I use Boku?

          Boku is currently only available for US players on GameFuse at this time. We will update users once we have integrated additional countries to the Boku interface.

        • I do not have a credit card, can I still purchase Tokens?

          Yes you can! GameFuse has several payment partners that you can use to make purchases for all GameFuse games. On the recharge page and Token Drawer, you will see a section called “Payment options” where there are several methods that can be used to purchase Tokens for GameFuse. Every region will have different options available so go take a look to see what is available to you!

        • My currency is not United States Dollars (USD), can I still purchase?

          Yes you can! All payment processors will use a currency exchange rate that reflects all major world banks and the current average exchange rate. Once your payment completes, your local currency will be converted into USD and the purchase will be delivered.

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