In Wartune, there are three exciting classes to choose from: Knight, Mage, and Archer. All of which are available as either male or female. Each class has their various strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you pick which class to be? Well, it all depends on your personal playing style!

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Knights make excellent tanks, with their iron-clad armor and powerful shields to ward off attacks. In the standard Rear, Center, and Front formation, Knights excel in the Front Row. Combined with two-handed weapons and targeting skills like Ultimate Slasher, they are quite the devastating force against enemies.

Mages are masters of the elements, able to evoke powerful spells to damage enemies and heal allies. Though they have excellent magical defense, their physical defense tends to suffer. Mages can dish out impressive damage to multiple enemies at once, while also bolstering the party’s defense with healing spells! A well placed Mage in the back row of a team formation can make or break the party’s success.

Archers are renowned for their massive single-target attacks and sniping qualities. What they lack in defensive skills, they more than make up for by being deadly, long-ranged assassins. Archers also have skills which can target front or back row enemies, allowing them to swiftly pick off vulnerable or threatening enemies at their leisure. Similar to the Mage class, their true potential shines most in the middle or back row of a party.

In general, this is a good starting guideline to selecting your first Wartune character. However, as you progress further into the game, you’ll find that you can deliberately boost specific stats of your character with features like Socketing, the Astral System, and even Double Skill Trees. Want a beefy Archer that will give any Knight a run for their money as a tank? If you have a specific role-bending goal for any class, if you make the right combos with equipment and other stat boosting features, you can create almost any type of character you want!

Choose your new character and see the amazing potential of the classes in Wartune first hand. Get started now!