Fishing Mini-Game

Players level 28 and above are now able to go fishing! To access this unique mini-game, players can click the Fishing icon at the top of the screen.

The Fishing Mini-Game is open all day! To play the game, click on the swinging spear and position it to spear a fish!  Make sure your aim is true, as there are also challenging obstacles to watch out for.  Find rare fishing equipment and turn yourself into the most deadly fisherman alive!  The top three players each week receive a unique title!

The deeper you fish the greater the rewards.  Keep an eye out for the Enraged Fish, legend holds that this sea monster carries EPIC rewards but require the help of your friends to haul him in!


Jewel Hunt Mini-Game

Players level 45 and above can now participate in Jewel Hunt. To access this unique mini-game, players can click an icon which will appear in the top of the screen. Jewel Hunt is open all day.

Move gems horizontally or vertically to form matches of 3 or more to earn rewards. The more gems cleared in a single move, the better the rewards. Gems that are moved but do not make a match will not return to their original space and an attempt will still be used. In addition to rewards earned for moving gems, points can be gained to claim special packs. Players are given 20 free attempts per day with the option to buy more.

Players may ask a friend for help removing gems once a day. Both players will be rewarded for helping. Ranking is based on points and will be reset every Monday. The top 3 players will be given unique titles.