Wartune just got better with Part 1 of the Version 1.5 update.

1. Improved One-Click Sell

One Click Sell

Tired of having to manually click to sell all of those low level Astrals? The Astral System is now easier to use than ever. With more one-click selling options, you can set exactly which level Astrals you want to sell with just one click!

2. Realm vs. Realm Battlegrounds

Realm vs. Realm Battlegrounds

So you think you’re the best Wartune player like no one ever was? Put your skills to the test against other skilled players in the new Cross-Server Battlegrounds! To keep things balanced, you will only be matched against opponents who are within 10 levels of your character.

3. Updated VIP Wheel

VIP Wheel

It’s all about speed. Who likes sitting around and waiting? With the updated VIP Wheel, you can now select the "Spin All" option to use all of your VIP coins at once for multiple goodies - all with just one click! If you prefer the original wheel, no worries. The classic "Spin Once" option is still available.

4. Updated Mystery Shop

Mystery Shop

The Mystery Shop just got a new shipment of items, including some of the rarest items like the Wildfire Steed Card. Items in the Mystery Shop will automatically refresh every 4 hours. Alternatively, you can use Balens to instantly refresh the item list. You never know what will be up for grabs, so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t let that +7 Physical Attack Gem slip through your fingers!

5. Improved Rose Sending


Now you can add a personalized message along with your gift of roses! Let your sweetie know exactly how you feel with a customized declaration of love! 1...2...3... dawww!

6. Guild Battle Changes

Guild Battles just got real. Real competitive. With the new update, only the very best will have a chance to go head to head to prove their might. There will be 3 rounds of fierce battles between the top 8 guilds, with the final round of the Build Battle ending on Friday Night!

Enjoy the new update and stay tuned for Parts II and III of the massive Wartune Version 1.5 update!