The final part of our Wartune 2.1 expansion is here!

Two new Slyphs are being introduced along with new skill sets!  Say Hello to Gaia and the Amazon Queen!  Gaia will shock your enemies with a barrage of electrical based attacks.  The Amazon Queen will set the world ablaze with devastating fiery infernos!  As an extra bonus, the Levels three and four have been unlocked in the Sylph Atoll!

New Content and Fixes

  • Part 3 introduces more circuit quests to keep your quest book full of fun battles for you and your troops! 
  • A new 10 second protection time has been put in place, allowing a buffer in which a player cannot be attacked unless they attack first.
  • Amethyst Mines have been optimized.
  • Fixes have been put in place to resolve missing sound effects
  • Guild members can no longer attack each other
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on certain levels of the Divine Altar