We’re thrilled to announce Wartune as the latest addition to our ever-growing portfolio at GameFuse.

Wartune is a strategic turn-based MMO that delivers a fully immersive gaming experience right in your browser! Forge alliances for the World Boss Battles, stake your honor in the largest Cross-Server Battles, or simply explore the vast lands of Balenor to clear the land of the Void’s darkness.

In the once peaceful land of Balenor, all was well in the world. Humans lived in harmony with the creatures in the Wild, and the land prospered.


That peace was short lived. The dark lord, Yaros, longed for power and was determined to open the Void. In his foolish attempts, he unleashed a horrible darkness, the likes to which none had ever seen. Soon, nature’s beasts and upstanding citizens alike were infected.Their minds were no longer their own, and they only sought to destroy the remaining good in the world.


Powerless to stop this terror, the once-noble defenders of the city walls were themselves now the very beasts who threatened its survival. As darkness and chaos engulfed all of Balenor, hope dwindled. The faithful prayed to the Goddess, and a small flicker of hope burned brightly.

Welcome to Balenor, hero. Your coming was foretold by the Wise Ones. Dinah, the priestess of Salinora, will guide you on your path as you reclaim the lost cities. While rebuilding the city to its former glory, unbelievable strength will be bestowed upon you for your efforts.

The battle between Good and Evil awaits. Answer the call of Wartune today!

Save Dinah